Leather scraps - Leather, leather stocklots and leather scraps from Italy - Salted hides & skins, wet blue.

Euderma - Italian Leather
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Leather scraps

Your reference website for leather scraps market


Sofa leather scraps (origin Italy)
Sofa leather scraps (origin Belorussia)
Sofa leather scraps from Chateau d-Ax
(origin Italy)


BIG SIZE mixed shoe leather scraps

Mixed colours (origin Italy, famous brands)

Shoe leather scraps, origin UK
Only black (origin Italy, famous brands)
Only brown (origin Italy, famous brands)
Anti scratch (origin Italy, famous brands)
Pony leather scraps (origin Italy, famous brands)

Small size, cheap price (origin Italy, famous brands)
Anti-scratch (saffiano) leather scraps (origin Italy, famous brands)
Leather scraps from italian brand TOD'S
Leather scraps from FENDI

Vegetable leather scraps for outsoles

LININGS leather scraps
Pig linings
(origin Italy)

Sheep nappa leather scraps (origin Italy, famous brands)
Sheep nappa leather scraps (origin Bulgaria)


Car seats and steering wheels leather scraps (origin Mexico)

Steering wheels leather scraps (origin Romania)

HAIR-ON leather scraps
Fox and mink leather scraps (origin Poland)
Fox and mink leather scraps (origin Turkey)
Cow hair-on leather scraps (origin Argentina)
Double face leather scraps (origin Italy, famous brands)

Australian Merino sheep skins leather scraps


Wet blue leather scraps

Selling YOUR leather scraps

Leather scraps are the most effective way to produce shoes, bags and other leathergoods with the minimum cost. Our company is a sorting scraps company, located in the area where most famous italian fashion brands have their shoes/bags/leathergoods production. So our buyers will produce with THE SAME LEATHER used from PRADA, GUCCI, ARMANI, SALVATORE FERRAGAMO and so on, spending about 2 % of the sum normally spent by big brands. Due that we are sorting our leather scraps customer not only has the top world quality but also can buy EXACTLY what he needs. Finally, we have on weight basis not only leather scraps but also "LEATHER", that means full skins, same origin and quality.

The main difference between our company and other companies is that we have our own selectors inside the company: each piece of leather has been examinated and approved by our selectors. Of course this has a cost, even because handwork in Italy is very expensive; but customer can be tranquil that he will buy exactly as per given requirements.
Other companies sell leather scraps "as they are". This is also possible from our side; we also can sell scraps as we got from production, but this means much more risk for the customer. Now it's up to you; you take decision with whom you want to work. We believe anyway that our policy is good and, with the time, is winning, expecially with long-term relationships.

Our company is different even because we can sell you not only leather scraps but also full skins on weight basis, as if they also were leather scraps


Buying leather scraps you should remember that this word has really different meanings. Leather scraps from tannery are normally offcuts and trimmings. The tannery cut around the skin a small edge of leather in order to offer a better-looking product to the customer. This kind of leather scraps are almost unusable; they are really small and low quality (cut in the weakest part of the skins).

The best alternative is to buy leather scraps from manufacturing. Leather scraps from shoe factories, from bag factories and so on. But this possibility is almost an exclusive Italy, France and some other "rich" country. Why we say so? Because normally all  manufacturers do not resell their own leather scraps. They attempt to use up to the last piece. This is typical where the handwork is not expensive.

Since this situation a big part of the leather scraps sale is of furniture leather scraps and automotive leather scraps. This because it is pretty easy to find in this kind of manufacturing big size leather scraps.  Obviously the quality is not the same; furniture leather has been prepared and studied for sofa,  not for leathergoods. That's why we suggest to purchase italian leather scraps for shoes/leathergoods. With a small price difference you can purchase very high quality leather.

See how our selectors are checking the  leather scraps.
We check and approve any piece of leather.  -------------------->

Email: info@italian-fashion.it
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