Why it is convenient to work with our leather stocklots - Leather, leather stocklots and leather scraps from Italy - Salted hides & skins, wet blue.

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Why it is convenient to work with our leather stocklots

Leather stocklots
Why it's convenient to use stocklots of leather

Why fine quality leather is so cheap?
Our leather is mainly unused from shoe/bags real italian manufacturing. Our work is to collect, sort, prepare, set all the leather and prepare to export in all  the world. To put the customer in the position to buy is a big work. Despite all this, the price of genuine leather remains much lower than the price on the normal production channel.

Is it convenient to use your leather?

Let's suppose you want to produce a leather wallet. See the picture. You need about 100 grams of leather (that is about 1,5 square feet). With our leather this may mean something like 0,30 USD. So please compare to your normal channel of leather on production basis and think:
1) Now much would cost to purchase about  1,5 square feet of leather ?

2) Is it really convenient to continue purchasing from my old channel when good quality leather may be so cheap?

But I use furniture leather...
It you do for producing sofa, you are doing well. But for leathergoods you might consider some important facts that are listed below:

1) Raw material in furniture leather is cheaper. For upholstery are normally used big hides from adult age cows. Those are harder and not soft. Our leather is normally from young calf raw hides, much softer.
2) Furniture leather is very often covered by various plastic chemicals. It should resist to the water and also to the fire (in case of automotive). Natural view of the leather is not so important. Using that for leathergoods may mean that your buyer looks to the leather and ask himself: "Is it genuine or artificial leather?"
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