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Where to buy leather scraps in Italy?

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Dear sirs,
Hope you are fine.
I just want to tell you a sad story.
We bought a container of leather scraps from another Germany supplier. But they cheated us. Their behaviors shame all Germany. Before loading, she promised as below:

- leather type: furniture cow leather (supplier produces in Italy for German market),no split leather
- mixed colours, 50% of black, 30% of brown 20% other colors
- thickness 1.0/1.4mm
- average area (size) from approx: 2 hand up to 5-6 hands‍
- the estimated percentage of each size is: approx. 10% of 2-3 hands, approx. 15% of 4 hands, approx. 65% 5-6 hands and more‍

We just received the container on April 30th, but to our surprise that the leather loaded are real rubbish. Actually about 60% are split leather, among them only 20% are 2-3 hands,10% are small as fingers to 1 hand. And about 40% are top layer leather, but all their sizes less than 1 hand. The whole container is useless to us, we lost all.

Please see the attached pictures for the cheater's information. Sorry for my bothering.

Best regards


Dear friend,

unfortunately such kind of histories are pretty common in leather scraps market. The reasons are vary; but I can tell you that not necessarily the seller was dishonest. 

Sometimes this depends on the fact that the original supplier was uncorrect; your supplier expected a completely different material. 

Other times this depends on the fact that the distribution line is too long. When from the origin to the final user there are 5, 6, 7 people or even more it is impossible to find profits for all. So the temptation is to 'adapt' the description of the goods, making it more 'optimistic'. But if everybody does, the final buyer will receive a very big delusion, even if the original seller was very honest.

It is also possible that the material, being stores for more than one month in a closed container on a wet environment has been easily ruind. This depends on the material.

So our suggestion is to communicate openly, frankly with your supplier about this matters. And please remember that it is not convenient to make a conflict, but to cooperate in the best way, expecially in the leather scraps market.

Email: info@italian-fashion.it
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