Samples policy - Leather & Leather scraps - Leather, leather stocklots and leather scraps from Italy - Salted hides & skins, wet blue.

Euderma - Italian Leather
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Samples policy - Leather & Leather scraps

WE are interested!


Dear friend,
we really thank you for your request of samples.

Anyway, please keep present that for our company policy we need your courier account number to send samples at your charge. Samples will be FREE OF CHARGE, but you have anyway to pay for deliver. This because there are so many sample collectors in the internet not really intentioned to buy, just they ask for free samples in order to collect free material. For this reason our company had to change the sample policy in a more restrictive one. Anyway, this will be up to the first order from your side.

If your company has not a courier account number there are other solutions. Please tell us how many KG or SQMT samples you need. Also tell write by email the COMPLETE ADDRESS including (much important!!) ZIP CODE and MOBILE PHONE NUMBER of receiver. Then we will calculate the delivery cost to your place. We prepare proforma that you can pay in the following systems:

1) Paypal (the faster and the best one)
2) Bank wire
3) Western Union (we need to add 5,4 % for administrative cost).

You may select the favourite payment system from your side.

We have no dubt that you are seriously intentioned to place your order; anywway, we cannot change our policy for samples. Please let's go on in our dialing and I am sure that this first initial cost you will resume very fastly after the first order.

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