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Euderma - Italian Leather
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Mixed leather in stocklot - Leather on weight basis

Leather stocklots
Leather stocklots for sale on weight basis

When the leather is mixed, like one or two skins per item, is normally sold on weight basis. The price per kilo might be different as per following specifications:
* Only full grain leather
* Printed, embossed leather
* Patent leather
* Splits
in this order you see from the more expensive to the cheapest solution. Obviously a mix of all possibilities can have an average price.

For which production is suitable such mixed leather?
For any!!! Well, almost for any... It is not suitable for mass-production. For big manufacturers often is not suitable. Big manufacturers normally work on a sample basis: the contractual sample must be perfectly replicated many and many times to have the final production. On this working scheme mixed  leather is not good. The alternative is to re-dye 100 % black the leather. You should check the cost of the process in your country.

On the other hand if the big producer may start to work on the basis of the INDICATIVE SAMPLE he may work with mixed leather and offer really special prices. Some of our customers offer to their wholesale customers two possibilities: both the contractual sample and the indicative sample. On production by indicative sample they can offer a much more competitive price since the lower cost of production. May of our customers are working very well on this basis.

Further than indicative sample working scheme mixed leather on weight basis is the perfect possibility for leather retailers to domestic market, for small leathergoods, for re-dyeing and reselling as only-black, and for many other opportunities.
How is this leather you can see in the pictures and in the videos in this webpage

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