Leather scraps from FENDI - Leather, leather stocklots and leather scraps from Italy - Salted hides & skins, wet blue.

Euderma - Italian Leather
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Leather scraps from FENDI

Leather scraps > Leather scraps - ITALY
Leather scraps for handbags
Origin: Italy, famous brand "Fendi"

100 % cow leather

Average size: 2-3 square feet (about 80 %)

Size range: from one hand to 6 square feet

About 35 % milled, 65 % smooth

Thickness: 1,5 - 2,0 mm

Perfect for handbags as they are from handbag production


BLACK about 55-60 %
DARK BROWN about 10 %
LIGHT BROWN about 10 %
BLUE about 10 %
GREY TAUPE about 10 %

OTHERS 0-5 %  (Red, light blue, yellow and so on)

Each container 40" loads about 16.000 kg

Available 3 containers 40" per month (= about 50.000 kg)

About 5-8 % are spaghetti that should be cleaned by the buyer,
there is no economic convenience to clean at the source
but this rejection is already calculated in the price

From FENDI we can also source Saffiano leather scraps.

The pictures below are from the previous seasons (colour composition is different)
Email: info@italian-fashion.it
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