Small size leather scraps - Leather, leather stocklots and leather scraps from Italy - Salted hides & skins, wet blue.

Euderma - Italian Leather
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Small size leather scraps

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Some leather scraps are of very small size; we call the LESS ONEs all the leather scraps lower than one full adult hand size. As you can see here, we select and take out such LESS ONEs from the normal minimum guaranteed selection. Some buyers are looking for minimum size one finger. So we can sell from one finger to one FAH (full adult hand) at very competitive prices. See details below. Such leather scraps can be used for sandals, laces, interlacements, bonded leather, leather boards and so on.

Leather scraps for shoes

Origin Italy
Kind of scraps:    100 % cow calf leather

Substance: For man and woman shoes (= 1.0 - 1.3 mm)
Dimension: from one finger to one full adult hand
Colours: Black 40 %, Brown family 40 %, White and grey 10 %, Blue 5 %, Others 5 %
1 Container 20" = about 10 tons
Available monthly quantity: 10 containers 20"


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