Selling your wet salted skins - Leather, leather stocklots and leather scraps from Italy - Salted hides & skins, wet blue.

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Selling your wet salted skins

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Many thanks for your offer of WET SALTED or AIR DRIED skins. As you see in our website, all our offers are complete in each detail. So about your product, we kindly ask you to send a professional commercial offer. Please send IN ONE EMAIL the following information:

* Which KIND of skins (Cow, goat, pig, etc.)
* Country of ORIGIN of the hides
* Available QUANTITY per month (Ex. 2 container 40" per month, 8000 skins)
* SELECTION of the skins with percentage (Example: A 40 %, B 40 % C 20 %) Total must be 100 %
* SIZE range of the skins in WB (Ex. 20-22 square feet)
* WEIGHT range in kg per skin
* LOCATION of the hides (City, Country) for inspection purposes
* Kind of PACKING (Example: On plastic pallets, 50 skins each one)
* In the same email please send PICTURES of the skins as attachment. They should be enough to give an idea of the material. Of course in one or two pictures this is not possible. Also a video could be interesting.
* Finally your PRICE request and incoterms (FOB, C&F, CFR, and so on with place)

An example might be the following:

Wet Salted Calf skins
Origin Italy
Available quantity 5 FCL 40" per month, total abt 5000 skins
Selection A 70 % B 25 % C 5 %
Size in WB 30-35 sqft
Weight average 15 kg/skin (min 12, max 17)
Location Civitanova Marche, Italy
Packing on plastic pallets, 30 skins each one
Pictures attached on this email
Price: XX EUR/skin CFR

After you gave all these information we can put on sale your offer. It is important that you give since the beginning full information because this avoid potential customers will always make further questions. Moreover, this will allow to save money and avoid misunderstandings with your potential customer.

We hope for a profitable cooperation in the future
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