Pickled sheep skins for shoes - Origin Yemen - Leather, leather stocklots and leather scraps from Italy - Salted hides & skins, wet blue.

Euderma - Italian Leather
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Pickled sheep skins for shoes - Origin Yemen

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Pickled sheep skins
Origin: Yemen.
Suitable for: Gloves & Garment.
Available Quantity: 2 FCL 20" per month, total 4,000 dozen for sheep. 
1 FCL 20" per month total 2,000 dozen for goat.

Location: Lowdar / Abyan / Yemen.
Packing: On Plastic pallets. Kindly, see the packing list model attached to this email.
Full Substance about:
Pickle sheep skins:
G.1.    2mm                                  1mm
G.2.    1.7mm                                1mm
G.3.    1.8mm                                1mm
G.4.    1.7mm                                1mm
   G.5.     2mm                                  0.8mm
   G.6.    1.5mm                                 0.8mm
G.1.       1.5mm                               0.9mm
G.2.       1.2mm                               0.8mm
G.3.       1.1mm                               0.8mm
G.4.       1.2mm                               0.6mm
G.5.       1mm                                  0.6mm
G.6.       1mm                                  0.6mm
G.1.       0.9mm                               0.6mm
G.2.       1.5mm                               1mm
G.3.       1mm                                 0.7mm
G.4.       1.4mm                               0.6mm
G.5.       1.2mm                               0.7mm
G.6.       1mm                                  0.7mm
G.1.      0.7mm                               0.5mm
G.2.      0.7mm                               0.5mm
G.3.       0.8mm                               0.5mm
G.4.       0.7mm                               0.5mm
G.5.       0,7mm                               0.5mm
G.6.       0.7mm                               0.5mm
G.1.      0.7mm                               0.6mm
G.2.      0.5mm                               0.4mm
G.3.       0.5mm                               0.4mm
G.4.       0.7mm                               0.5mm
G.5.       0.6mm                               0.5mm

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