Leather scraps with delivery to Africa - Leather, leather stocklots and leather scraps from Italy - Salted hides & skins, wet blue.

Euderma - Italian Leather
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Leather scraps with delivery to Africa


Leather and leather scraps to Africa

Italian Fashion is the best possible option for african buyers of leather and leather scraps. WHY? We give you 7 reasons.   
7 reasons to buy leather and leather scraps from Italian Fashion

Italian Fashion ships any quantity

Do you need one full container? We ship
Do you need only one pallet? We ship
Do you need only one box with some kilos? We ship

Most companies do not consider small enquires at all, and they even do not reply to small buyers. Italian Fashion can ship any quantity. The preferential way reamins the FCL; but if you need one-two pallets on a LCL we can also arrange. Same for small quantities; the minimum order (MOQ) is one box 10-20 kg. Sales of small boxes are from our video shop. In our video shop all boxes are ready for prompt shipment. Once we received the payment we will immediately ship to you by express courier or by post. Please check the availability of postal service in the delivery area before placing the order.

Italian Fashion has 20 years experience with african market

See here why this is very important, and how you can get benefits from that

We started to export to Africa already on 2001. Since that time many things have changed, but our care and attention to african market has only increased. We understand the challenges and the difficoulties, and we know all the needs. We know how people are working and what we can suggest isw often exactly what local market needs.

Economy of many african countries is not simply growing but literally exploding. Population is increasing very fastly and people are spending more money than in the past. Many african countries are ready to become manufaturing countries. Anyway, many businessmen interested in leather business are about to start now and have no experience. This is typical of so-called "young economies". Italian Fashion can offer suggestions about what to buy and how to optimize the investiment on leather. This because we already know what local markets are asking and what are local needs. Furthermore, our historical knowledge of the leather market developments in Italy can really help to preview how african markets will develop on the next years. The same scheme as italian leather market developed after WWII repeated during the last decades in East Europe and in Far East. So we can say that we already know how will be the market situation in your country after some years. Working with Italian Fashion company you will get the benefits of our professional and historical experience

Leather scraps to Africa
Leather scraps to Africa
Leather scraps to Africa
Leather scraps to Africa
Italian Fashion doesn't sell only leather

Do you need outsoles for your shoes? We can provide
Do you need insoles for your shoes? We can provide
Do you need metal fittings for shoes/bags? We can provide
Do you need lasts for your shoes? We can provide
Do you need raw belts? We can provide
Do you need fabrics? We can provide
Do you need any other shoe/bag component? We can provide

Some of our best customers said that they preferred to work with us even bacause of the huge possibilities of developent we offered them. And that's true: you will not need only leather in shoe/bag production, but also a huge number of components. Italian Fashion company is located in the middle of the biggest production area of Italy for shoes. So we can offer all what you need for shoe/sandals/bags/belt production. We buy from italian producers their leftover and resell to you: the highest quality from Italy at the lower prices!

Italian Fashion can help you purchase processing machines

Do you need cutting presses? We can provide
Do you need stitching machines? We can provide
Do you need cutting knives? We can provide
Do you need machines for cutting belts? We can provide
Do you need any other processing machine? We can provide

This will be the next big step of Africa: industrial production. Currently almost all production in african countries is hand-made. Handwork is very precious and might be of very good quality; anyway, by its definition hand labour cannot be too cheap. The only alternative in Africa for cheaper sandals is basically the synthetic leather made production frokm China and far east countries. This situation is about to change in Africa. The production will become also there, as on other countries, industrial based. So a third middle layer will be inserted into the african markets: local industrial production.

Hand made production will become, as in other markets already happened, the top layer: the most prestige and expensive production. Synthetic leather from Far East will still be the cheaper layer of the market. In the middle layer a huge part of the market will be the industrial african local production; prices will be cheaper than handmade works but more expensive than chinese production of artificial leather. This is how we see the african leather market on a ten years perspective.

We believe that eventually Africa will become the main worldwide producer of sandals. Sandals are really needed in every day life of african people. Will help a lot the big experience that african workers are accumulating in processing leather scraps. If you also will use processing machines to produce, who will be able to win your prices?


Italian Fashion is probably already present in your country

Ghana   Importing from Italian Fashion Exporting to nearby ECOWAS countries
Nigeria Importing from Italian Fashion    Exporting to nearby ECOWAS countries
Senegal    Importing from Italian Fashion    Exporting to nearby countries
Cameroon    Importing from Italian Fashion   Exporting to nearby countries
South Africa    Importing from Italian Fashion   Exporting to nearby countries
Egypt  Importing from Italian Fashion   Exporting to nearby countries
Tunisia    Importing from Italian Fashion    Exporting to nearby countries
Morocco    Importing from Italian Fashion    Exporting to nearby countries
Algeria    Importing from Italian Fashion   Exporting to nearby countries

Even if it is clearly more convenient for you to buy directly from us (we also ship small quantities) there might be some reason for which you want to see personally our leather before buying. At this purpose we may give the address of our local buyer; you may go there, visit him and buy directly, or even simply take a look to the material we can supply. How many companies can offer this service?

You can also follow the social network webpages of our customer/distributors to know how we work in your country

* The Ghana leather channel on Youtube - Our local distributor is exporting to Mali, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea amd Togo

* Italian Fashion Leather on Facebook - Distributor of Italian Fashion leather in Nigerian market.

Italian Fashion assistance is constantly present 24/7

Do you Whatsapp/Telegram/Viber/Signal? We use
Do you prefer email? We use
Do you prefer Facebook/Messenger/Instagram/Linkedin/Twitter? We use

Today the way of communications are becoming so many and so vary... even if it becoming hard for a company to be present on all these ways of communication, we understand that a supplier can be really considered reliable only when the customer has the possibility at any time to ask any question. We are living on era of cummunication, and an efficient and modern job can be done only with an efficient, clear and transparent communication between customers and suppliers.

Tel.: +393294798036
Email: infoitalian-fashion.it

Italian Fashion accepts the widest range of payments

Do you want to pay with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? With us is possible
Do you want to pay by bank? With us is possible
Do you want to pay by credit card? With us is possible

BITCOIN: In many african countries bitcoin is becoming popular as much more reliable than local currency. People are using bitcoin as store of value against inflaction and they prefer to pay directly in bitcoin. Italian Fashion accepts payments not only in Bitcoin, but also in Ethereum, Cardano, USDT, CRO, ZIL, DOT. We are also cooperating with the biggest crypto currency exchanges to receive payments at the best rates for our customers.

BANK PAYMENTS: It is possible to pay by bank wires and by documentsry credit (Letter of Credit). Documentary credit is normally very expensive (400-500 EUR per operation) so it is suggested only for big amounts. But even bank wires could be expensive; some of our customers paid even 100 USD for a single bank wire. Italian Fashion is cooperating with the more innovative Fintech to reduce and optimize the bank service. Depending on your country we can suggest the best banking solutions to work with Europe. So the customer who paid 100 USD for a bank wire was helped to reduce such cost up to 0.28 EUR !!!

CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS: Our customers are surprised to see how efficient and fast is the payment by credit or debit card. Not so strange for Africa!


REASON NUMBER 8, last but not least:
Italian Fashion has the best prices on the market!

"The best price and the best quality: everybody says so... What are your arguments to demonstrate your superiority?"

OUR SOURCES: Italian Fashion does not buy leather from tanneries. The sources of our leather are italian shoe and bags factories. This allows us to purchase leather at the cheapest prices, since the shoe factories are not taking their profit from leather; they just want to liquidate their leftover leather. Furthermore their leather scraps are of bigger size. Unless shoe factories, tanneries should get profit from leather sale. For this reason we decided to buy o0nly from shoe factories. This will allow to have the best prices on the market.

OUR QUALITY: ALL our leather is from italian very famous brands. We cannot mention them on the website, but we can on personal discussion. They are top quality since italian brands are very expensive; material cannot be cheap. Material is very expensive at tannery level, but with us you can get the same material at a minimum fraction of the original price !!!

OUR EXPERIENCE: Experience also affect the price. We work with Africa already 20 years and we know the best shipping companies and all the ways for delivery. Documents, burocracy, custom procedures are also important to know. Expecially if you are at the beginning you would avoid to make mistakes that might cost you money. You may find interesting offers from other companies, but if they do not assist you with the delivery, would you really consider their offer interesting? You should realize that it is not possible to buy a product without a service. So you have to think about if the service on bundle with that product is really interesting or not. Same price from experienced company is much better than a price from a company without experience.

Email: info@italian-fashion.it
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