Wet salted cattle / cow hides Puerto Rico origin - Kulit, kulit stoklot dan skrap kulit dari Italia - kulit bergaram dan potongan kulit yang telah diproses.

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Wet salted cattle / cow hides Puerto Rico origin

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Wetsalted cattle hides
Puerto Rico origin
av. weight app. 27,5 Kg
(range 22 Kg to 32 Kg),
machine flayed,
selection 80 % A, 20 % B,

- fully trimmed
- max. 10 % can have small humps, (min. 90 % free of humps)
- no grubs
- few hides can have ligth ticks in the belly part, most of the hides are free
- app. 50 % steers, 40 % dairy cows, 10 % native
- steers & native can have 1 – 2 small brands, dairy cows free of brands
- no holes in the prime area
- avg. size app. 44 sqft.
- shipment directly from Puerto Rico
- as USA origin since we’ll provide US documents
- for you information’s, Puerto Rico is considered one of the best quality among the Central American countries. Some US companies buys them to mix with their production and further shipment to Asia.

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