Wet blue calf hides, origin Azerbaijan - Kulit, kulit stoklot dan skrap kulit dari Italia - kulit bergaram dan potongan kulit yang telah diproses.

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Wet blue calf hides, origin Azerbaijan

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Wet-Blue Calf hides
Origin: Azerbaijan
Final product - suitable for shoeupper, bags, garments
Total available quantity per month: 14-15 trucks
Selection: our selection system: A+B+C (mix) and D. A-5%, B-15%, C-60% and D-20%
Average size - 27-28 sq ft
Substance: full, unsplitted, 3-3,5 mm
Packing: on wooden pallets with PE. Aprx 120-150 pieces, depending on size and weight of leather.
Flaying: handflayed
Weight or raw material: 17-18 kg
Male animals - 70-80%, female - 20-30%

No hump, no brand wound, some knife cutting due to handlflaying.
No cesarean birth. (also, must be said, that 70-80% of our skins - male animals)

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