Wet Blue sheep skins for shoes - Origin Mauritania - Kulit, kulit stoklot dan skrap kulit dari Italia - kulit bergaram dan potongan kulit yang telah diproses.

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Wet Blue sheep skins for shoes - Origin Mauritania

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Wetblue sheep skins
Origin Mauritanie

Suitable for shoes , bags sofa velour
available quantity 1 container per month 20000 skins
Séléction 30% A   B 25 %  C 40 %    D 5 %
Size standard 4 sqft to 8 sqft standard 6 sqft
Average size 6 square feet with 20% more than 6 and 15% less than 6.
Thickness : 1.2 mm to 1.8mm
Packing on plastic pallets 1000 skins each one

quality skins Mauritania not listening hillside on the pulpit side.
very good for product and velvet shoes.
wooden pallet contains 2000 skins with plastic packing list.
16000 skins for a 20 'container
Port Nouakchott Mauritania
capacity: 1-3 container per month.
tannery SMPCP
the client makes our skin:  europe (Italian , french...) India, Turkey china.....

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