Pickled sheep skins, Origin Mauritania - Kulit, kulit stoklot dan skrap kulit dari Italia - kulit bergaram dan potongan kulit yang telah diproses.

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Pickled sheep skins, Origin Mauritania

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Pickled sheep skins, origin Mauritania

Standard size 6 square feet with 20% more than 6 and 15% less than 6.
choice ABC D 40% 35% 25% EF
quality skins Mauritania not listening hillside on the pulpit side.
very good for the vegetable section
wooden pallet contains 2000 skins with plastic packing list.
16000 skins for a 20 'container
Port Nouakchott Mauritania
capacity: 1-3 container per month.
tannery SMPCP
the client makes our skin:  europe (Italian , french...) Turkey.

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