Wet salted donkey hides - Origin Pakistan - Wet salted hides & skins.

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Wet salted donkey hides - Origin Pakistan

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The wet salted donkey hides with origin Pakistan are no longer available on large scale!

Why not?

The Pakistan government has recently strongly limited the export of wet salted donkey hides. Donkey hides are not anymore allowed to across the Pakistani border in export. This law has been approved in 2015 to preserve and to protect the donkey population inside the country, since the speculation about the donkey hides were threatening it.

Aren't anymore available donkey hides in Pakistan?

They are! But only a very limited quantity is allowed to leave the country. So if somebody offers you donkey hides from Pakistan, please be careful. They offer you to make inspection. They really have donkey hides. So you can wire the money. But the hides cannot leave the country! In the worst case they will never ship anything. In the best case they will ship camel hides...!!!

What to do then?

You should trust a serious and experienced company like "Italian Fashion". So you avoid cheating in donkey hides market. Some of the old exporters are still authorized to export some limited quantity of donkey hides. Italian Fashion parter in Pakistan has a special permission form official Paksitanian authoritity to export 2 FCL on monthly base.


For a complete information about donkey hides origin Pakistan we report below the commercial description of this origin

Wet salted donkey hides
Origin Pakistan
Average weight app. 6,5 Kg
selection TR
Each container loads about 2500 hides

- shipping port: Karachi / Pakistan

Kindly also read our page about current market situation on purchase of Wet Salted Donkey hides

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